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3 AM A Paranormal Experience 2014 Bollywood Full Movie sub dekho Free Download

3 AM A Paranormal Experience Bollywood Full Movie All Watch with sub dekho full movie 3 AM A Paranormal Experience 2014 online Free Download link below.3 A.M. is a 2014 Hindi musical horror directed by way of Vishal Mahadkar, the movie stars Rannvijay Singh, Anindita Nayar, Salil Acharya and Kavin Dave in lead roles.
The film starts offevolved with few college students journeying a haunted region called “Rudra turbines”, where they may be stopped by using Sunny to move in addition into the premises. Sunny then narrates his tale to them. He tells them that his wife Sarah used to do packages on haunted places and at the same time as once she turned into unable to discover her Bhagwad Gita, she unwillingly had to depart for her show without it. At around midnight Sunny woke up to look Sarah crying, on being requested what befell, Sarah says sorry and vanishes away. quickly after, Sunny receives a name approximately the dying of Sarah, who changed into observed hanging at the partitions of Rudra generators.
a while later, Sunny proposes a show to his manufacturer to report paranormal sports in an effort to show the existence of ghosts and spirits. The manufacturer approves of this system while Sunny chooses Rudra turbines as the site for the first show. Raj and Cyrus accompany him. They each set cameras and discover paranormal activity. At 3 a.m. Cyrus is possessed by the demonic spirit of Rudra Pratap Singh, he sooner or later kills Sunny and Raj. tale is carried out via Sunny telling the story to college students. ultimately the truth that Sunny changed into additionally useless even as combating against the evil spirit of Rudra Pratap Singh is unveiled and his spirit become narrating the tale to the scholars.
He subsequently tells them to depart and reunites with his wife. the students are left in awe. Paranormal activities genuinely do exist.

Directed by means of Vishal Mahadkar
Produced through Handprint snap shots and Essel imaginative and prescient Productions Ltd
Written by way of Vishal Mahadkar
Starring Rannvijay Singh
Anindita Nayar
Salil Acharya
Kavin Dave
launch date
26 September 2014
usa India
Language Hindi

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