Nowadays, fans are confused if there is one hit against a popular celebrity these days. Every time there was a movie release or a similar kind of conflict, I saw this war happening among the fans of the top Bollywood competitors. This time Rohit Shetty Sooryavanshi talks about acting as a fan of Akshay Kumar to avoid a conflict with Salman Khan Inshallah .

The whole problem is that Inshallah & Sooryavanshi were hit on the screen at the same time. Yesterday the day before, Salman posted a picture of Rohit announcing a new date. "I always think of him as my sister and I prove it today …" The hash tag #SameOnRohitShetty showed the trend because he blamed the fans. Rohit Shetty

Akshay Kumar Fan Trend #ShameOnRohitSalman Khan's postponing date of launch Inshallah


Samruddhi: Chulbul may also be adding pandey's charcter. I dismissed Akki's movie and dismissed it. # ShameOnRohitShetty

Yubreg De Vijay: In the last third year it seems that EID is bigger than @BeingSalmanKhan and I am in 2020 We look forward to the same story at Eid! I dare him to release at least one of his films in late March / IPL period. #SalmanKhan @SalmanFC_com @akshaykumar #RohitShetty #Sooryavanshi #SHAMEONROHITSHETTY

] Sardhadutta: #SHAMEONROHITSHETTY We want akshay kuma from Eid.
The number of executives of business rohit akiki decreased gradually.

Shiva Nand Pandey: #SHAMEONROHITSHETTY pls supports akshay kumar.