In real life, the daughter of the Bollywood drama, MLA, demands court protection when she and her husband are threatened by marriage by facing their family's wishes.

Sakshi Mishra of Bareilly 19659004] BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra and her husband Ajitesh appeared before Allahabad High Court on Monday. The drama of the Bollywood film festival was held.

On Monday, the couple filed a petition at the Allahabad High Court. They said they are looking for protection so that they can live a peaceful life. The court ordered Noda Police to provide a pair of protection.

According to reports, her husband was assaulted by unknown people outside the court. Their lawyers claimed that Ajitesh was stepped on by some men (unidentified). However, the police denied the claim.

Sakshi Mishra 's husband video last week appeared in social media last week on the news from last week.

Sakshi claimed a threat from her father about her life. To marry a Dalit boy. After Sakshi's video was infected with the virus in social media, Rajesh Mishra, an MLA at Bareilly's Bithari Chainpur, said her daughter had nothing to fear. It is her life and she is free to choose her life partner and make her own decisions.

The press said the couple were kidnapped outside the courtroom, but afterwards they both made it clear that they were present.

A pair of secrets kidnapped

The police have indeed confirmed the abduction of a kidnapped couple outside Allahabad, but the identity of the couple has not been revealed. Confirmed. The reason for the abduction is believed to have been kidnapped by events such as Sakshi and Ajitesh.

The case occurred around 8:30 am and according to witnesses a young couple outside court gate number 3 when a black SUV came. I was pointing a gun.

SUV registration number is UP, with 80 sources. Chairman & # 39; s

Police officers said they started vehicle inspection and CCTV shooting.

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