A 100-year-old four-story building collapsed in Dongri, Mumbai on Tuesday morning, killing 14 people and feared that many would be trapped.

The death toll has risen to 14 due to the collapse of the Kesarbhai building in Mumbai, eastern Mumbai, due to rescue operations in the past 20 hours. Yesterday, a 100-year-old four-story building collapsed in a Dongri neighborhood at 11:40 am.

So far 30 people have been rescued and many people feared that they will still be trapped. Three large teams of NDRF disaster response forces are on the scene to take survivors.

Because of the rains over the past few weeks, the surrounding area has been flooded and the area has been devastated.

Approximately 10 fire trucks and ambulances arrived at the scene, but because the lanes were too narrow to enter, There is.

"The building was 100 years old, and we were in the area where we were located." #MumbaiBuildingCollapse pic.twitter.com/mN23bG9Bmp

Minister of Finance Devendra Fadnavis told reporters:

PM Modi is living in the life of a man,