Filmmaker Gurinder Chadha has not seen Huma Qureshi's " Leila " yet. But she says she wants to catch up with it and catch up soon. In fact, Chadha's friends are gaining support for getting the second part of the series.

" Leila " Having lunch with friends who are crazy about your program. Huma, they loved it and want a sequel! congratulations. Chadha got on Twitter on Saturday.

Gurinder Chadha praises Huma Qureshi and her web series Leila.

She explains why she could not find time to watch the Netflix series.

Quoting Chadha's point of view, Huma replied:

Prayaag Akbar's 2017 comic book "Leila" is based on Huma's character Shalini and her missing daughter, Demonstrates an undesirable situation and a terrifying fight for. Humayuni Aryavarta's Experience in the Virtual World

The six episode series explore authoritarian rules, class and religious divisions, and environmental crisis issues.

Huma told IANS about IANS: It was a great trip for me. I have never had such a strong personality before. With this personality, I pushed myself as an artist. I had to go deep into the story. "

" It was extremely difficult to play mother on the screen because it was more important not only to become a mother but to inherit Shalini's qualities to fight the devil to find her daughter.

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