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Haider Bollywood Full Movie All Watch with sub dekho full movie Haider 2014 online Free Download link below.Haider is a 2014 Indian wrongdoing disaster movie composed, created and coordinated by Vishal Bhardwaj, and co-composed by Basharat Peer. It stars Shahid Kapoor as the main hero, and co-stars Tabu, Shraddha Kapoor and Kay Menon. Irrfan Khan shows up in an expanded exceptional appearance. The film is both a cutting edge adjustment of William Shakespeare’s disaster Hamlet and an adjustment of Basharat Peer’s diary Curfewed Night, set in the midst of the revolt hit Kashmir clashes of 1995 and regular citizen disappearances.Haider, a youthful understudy and a writer, comes back to Kashmir at the pinnacle of the contention to look for answers about his dad’s vanishing and winds up being pulled into the legislative issues of the state 
In 1995, amid the revolt in Kashmir, Hilaal Meer (Narendra Jha), a specialist situated in Srinagar, consents to play out an appendectomy on Ikhlaque, the pioneer of a genius nonconformist activist gathering. To maintain a strategic distance from recognition, he plays out the surgery at his home, much to the vexation of his significant other Ghazala (Tabu), who addresses his dependability. The next day, amid a military assault, Hilaal is blamed for harboring psychological militants. A shootout results at his home, amid which Ikhlaque is murdered and Hilaal is taken away to question. The specialist’s home is besieged accordingly to murder some other aggressor covering up inside. A few days after the fact, Hilaal and Ghazala’s child, Haider (Shahid Kapoor), comes back from Aligarh Muslim University to look for answers about his dad’s vanishing. Upon entry, he is stunned to discover his mom singing and chuckling alongside her brother by marriage, Khurram (Kay Menon). Unfit to comprehend his mom’s conduct, he starts hunting down his dad in different police headquarters and confinement camps with the assistance of his youth sweetheart Arshia Lone (Shraddha Kapoor), a columnist. 
Disheartened by the developing closeness amongst Ghazala and Khurram, and unfit to discover any leads, Haider starts to lose trust. In any case, Arshia experiences an outsider, Roohdar, who requests that her advise Haider that he will have the capacity to give data about Hilaal. Haider contacts Roohdar (Irrfan), who ends up being a piece of a dissenter gathering. Roohdar at that point portrays the account of how he met Hilaal in one of the detainment focuses, where they both were tormented. Hilaal ascribes his detainment to his sibling, Khurram. Roohdaar at that point recounts the account of how Haider’s dad was mercilessly killed by Khurram’s made-up fear monger gathering and how Roohdar made due in the wake of being shot and tossed into the waterway with Haider’s dad, which halted his draining and enabled him to get away, however Hilaal passed on. Roohdaar at that point discloses to Haider that he just needed to pass on his dad’s message to him: exact retribution for Khurram’s treachery. From that point, irate and vows to retaliate for the shamefulness done to his dad, Haider separates at Hilaal’s grave site and turns out to be rationally and candidly broken. He begins experiencing the impacts of a post-horrendous pressure issue, shaving his head and carrying on unusually. Khurram, subsequent to learning of the gathering amongst Haider and Roohdar, reveals to him that Roohdar was the person who slaughtered his dad. Haider is currently confounded as to whom to accept notwithstanding knowing reality himself, and unveils his predicament to Arshia, including that Roohdar gave him a weapon to slaughter his uncle. Arshia trusts this to her dad Pervez, who illuminates Khurram about the weapon. Khurram, at a service identified with his marriage with Ghazala, which has now been solemnized, instantly arranges his men to corner Haider and send him to a psychological establishment. 
The next morning, Haider is good to go to slaughter his uncle yet can’t achieve it since his uncle is putting forth supplications and his ethics avoid it. Haider is caught by Pervez who orders him to be executed, yet Haider figures out how to get away, in spite of the fact that not before brutally murdering his captors, the Salmans. He contacts Roohdar, who recommends getting prepared in Pakistan to retaliate for his dad’s demise, and Haider concurs. He calls his mom and educates her about it to which she requests that he meet her once before setting off to the opposite side of fringe. Amid the gathering, Ghazala uncovers that she had educated Khurram concerning the psychological militants covering up in their home not realizing that he was a witness of the Indian armed force. Pervez follows them and is going to shoot Haider when Haider shoots him dead and departures. 
Tormented by her dad’s passing on account of Haider, Arshia is candidly damaged and submits suicide. In the mean time, Ghazala discovers Roohdar’s contact number from Arshia’s journal and calls him. Haider goes to his pickup point, the memorial park where his dad was covered. At the cemetery, Haider considers about the general idea of mortality. On observing Arshia’s sibling Liyaqat in the memorial park, he understands that the body is of Arshia. He keeps running towards her body where Liyaqat sees him and illuminates Khurram. A battle follows amongst Haider and Liyaqat, bringing about the last’s demise. Khurram touches base with full power and a gunfight follows; then Roohdar drops Ghazala at the burial ground. A wild trade of slugs and bombs leaves just Haider and couple of men on Khurram’s side alive. Exactly when Khurram is going to murder Haider, Ghazala argues for an opportunity to persuade Haider to surrender. She faces her child who says that he can’t bite the dust before avenging his dad’s demise. Ghazala reveals to him that vengeance just outcomes in exact retribution and there is no conclusion to this cycle, however Haider, who is bowed on vindicate, does not get it. Ghazala kisses Haider farewell and ventures outside, just to uncover that she is wearing a suicide vest (given to her by Roohdar). Khurram and Haider surge towards her yet she pulls the pins of the hand projectile bringing about a major blast, slaughtering herself alongside whatever is left of Khurram’s men and gravely harming Khurram himself, while Haider is just somewhat tossed once more from the power of the blast. Haider goes to his mom’s remaining parts, sobs close by and goes to murder Khurram, whose legs have been disjoined from his body. 
He is helped to remember his mom’s words that “retribution just outcomes in reprisal” and in this manner chooses to give Khurram a chance to live. Khurram asks Haider to murder him to free him from the weight of blame and to retaliate for his dad’s demise, yet Haider doesn’t oblige Khurram, rather overlooks him and clears out. 

Coordinated by Vishal Bhardwaj 
Created by Vishal Bhardwaj 
Siddharth Roy Kapur 
Composed by Vishal Bhardwaj 
Screenplay by Basharat Peer 
Vishal Bhardwaj 
(Additionally Dialogs) 
Based on Hamlet 
by William Shakespeare 
Shahid Kapoor 
Shraddha Kapoor 
Narendra Jha 
Kay Menon 
Music by Vishal Bhardwaj 
Cinematography Pankaj Kumar 
Altered by Aarif Sheik 
VB Pictures 
Circulated by UTV Motion Pictures 
Discharge date 
2 October 2014 
Running time 
162 minutes 
Country India 
Language Hindi

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