Bihar's former prime minister, Lalu Prasad Yadav, received bail from one of the fraud fraud cases. But he will remain in prison because he has to sentence his brother in two other cases.

Minister Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav has been having a hard time since the last few months.

But this time there was some relief because we were bailed out of one of the fraud cases this Friday. But Lalu, a popular figure in Bihar, will remain in jail because he must sentence his brother in two other cases.

The court also ordered Ralph Prasad Yadav to submit his passport, but the court informed the court that his passport had already expired. His lawyer, Prabhat Kumar, said he was seeking jewelry for the same reason elsewhere.

Lalu received a bail from Deogarh Treasury, Minister of Justice Apres Kumar Singh at the time of fraudulent withdrawal of 89.27 lakh. He was bailed for serving almost half of his three and a half years' imprisonment.

Lalu was initially convicted of four fraud cases involving the withdrawal of Chaibasa, Dumka and Deoghar treasuries. Jharkhand.

He secured bail in the Chaibasa case, but he is still being punished. He is also faced with the fifth feed fraud case to buy money from Deogarh's Treasury.

He was in prison since December 2017 and is currently undergoing treatment at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Science.

Lalu's bail said that the judiciary knew they would give them justice.

On the other hand, leaders of the National Democratic Alliance have been bailed by Lulu in one case, but in other cases they have not been found guilty. They also added that RJD leaders should not celebrate leaders' jewels.

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