Mumbai police filed a wedding invitation to Nana Patekar in the Tanushree Dutta sexual harassment case. Now this actress has been furious in this report.

Tanushree Dutta sexual harassment has turned a new direction. On Thursday, Mumbai police wrote a closure report to Nana Patekar because she could not find any evidence of her. According to a summary report submitted by Oshwara Police Station in Mumbai, the Tanushtree complaint can be raised to seek revenge and can be seen as "malicious and fake".

The termination report rejected Tanushree's accusation and witnesses interviewed by choreographers, assistants and other police officers failed to substantiate the story of Tanushree. The report also states that Tanushree has not commented on sexual misconduct in cases of complaints filed with the Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA) and the TV Producers Association.

Tanushree Dutta now responds strongly to this report and has an official statement on the matter. Here's what the actor said:

"The Mumbai police lied on the report that there had been no sexual harassment in the CINTAA complaint. A copy of the 2008 complaint I gave to CINTAA is comparable, and I have explicitly stated sexual harassment to confirm the FIR in 2018 In 2008, they refused to encourage and manipulate complaints by twisting the FIR to protect the defendant, and also remember that CINTAA apologized in writing for not mentioning the complaint.

"Cintaa's apology Was widely circulated in the media and we even gave the police a copy of the apples to prove it. This is the largest level of corruption. How can they distort such evidence and blame me completely and make it more favorable to the suspect? The police were directly concerned with the right to be prosecuted from the first day when we had a very strong case and asked them to submit all evidence that they would soon be arrested. Instead, they gave us hope and stabbed us in the back.

"A video that attacked my car in a movie set like my family was also filed as evidence, and they testified with my courtesy to Janice sequeira and Shyni Shetty. Do you need more evidence to prove harassment?

"Nana and his people paid the police for such a thing, but they did not know that it was the case, I want to ask you if you can report and call me a malicious liar. ? I would like to ask the court magistrate who approved this report. How much money did you eat to receive this apparently manipulated and malicious report? Nana Patekar earned a clean bond by earning money from several government bribes.

Tanushree said, "This harassment event has taken a job, career and livelihood and had to start again in life.In the new country.It is clear that in India, criminals for the sale of justice, law and order to clean themselves by spending crores on law and justice

"The government, India, NRI, and suicide drought have changed the cause, because women who have been harassed, abused and attacked can be called publicly lying and maligned because they can buy chit. How corrupt Naam Foundation of Nana Patekar, which has a Rs rupee, reported how the Indians inspired my case? Farmers pay only once a year and try to prove the expense of all their huge funds without leaving a record, with the event announcing to 150 dead farmer wives from 15,000 rupees each year. Nana and the other Defendants

"This foundation is the biggest fraud in India, and in the name of poor farmers, thousands of crawlers have come out, but they have not succeeded in reaching them and have committed suicide without paying their debts. Some of the whistle blowers have been harassed, stabbed and stuck behind bars for years by this corrupt monster, all of which is a public domain that everyone can see, but the police and the government have not … s abko khila pila ke khush rakha hai .. buying clean shit from police or court in India does not mean that you are innocent. "

" Modi ji. What happened to corruption in India? The nation's daughter was harassed by a chain of criminals to the public by mobs After being charged, she continues to deny justice, her name is undermined, threatened, pressed, job is destroyed, anonymous life and police said her complaint is false and malicious !!! Yehi Hai Jawab dijiye mujhe. "

In 2008, Tanushree created a special sequence called" Rajya "which was born in a devout Hindu family. Saturday, Sunday, Sunday, Thursday, Sunday, Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, And complained to Nana Patekar, saying she acted inappropriately with her in a set of Horn Ok Pleassss (2008). She complained to CINTAA (Cine and TV Arts Association). In October last year, Tanushree filed a pretext for Nana. But Nana firmly insisted that she could not torment Tanushiri. "

Last year, Tanushree filed a complaint against Nana Patekar for alleged sexual harassment. Tanushree's accusation caused the #MeToo movement in India. Alok Nath, Rajkumar Hirani, Sajid Nadiadwala, and many other Bollywood actors have been indicted.

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