A major revelation to inform BMC that the BMC has placed its office, traffic police station, GRP police station, and chief office on the rogue list for BMC's failure to file a water bill in the last four to five months, There was.

Mumbai police are famous for their trust in Mumbai through their good work. However, recent revelations made by RTI have shocked the public.

Mumbai police have filed complaints that they have not yet paid for their expenses. There is a recent question raised by the RTI activist Shakeel Ahmed, who made this great revelation.

Amount paid by Mumbai Police 93 crore 85 lakh 79,000 The amount of Rs 151 (including central and western rail GRP) is paid by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

Shakeel Ahmed says that the Mumbai police have installed RTI in the capital's BMC department to see how much money they have paid to them.

He also said he wants to know how many connections there are below. The name of the Mumbai police was on the rogue list and he was shocked to know that number.

RTI has not paid most of these connections for the last four to five months, and Mumbai Police Government Office, Traffic Police, DGPs Offices and GRP Police were on the rogue list.

There was a list of 466 water connections in this list. These 462 water connections are under the rogue list.

Samajwadi Party The leader of Rais Shaikh has asked BMC to disconnect the water from these people who have not paid. BMC's council leader Ravi Raja also insisted the state should handle this huge amount immediately.

A spokesman for the BMC, on the other hand,

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