Sanjay Dutt's 31-year-old daughter, Trishala Dutt, was most heartbroken when she announced that her boyfriend had died earlier this week, working abroad.

Trishala Dutt wrote "My heart is broken" and she has written about all the wonderful times she has sent with her boyfriend. Trishala said, "Thank you for loving me, for protecting me, for taking care of me, you made my happiest moment in my life, I am the luckiest girl in the world, it was your blessing to meet you. "

Finally, she said," I will love you and I will miss you, until we meet again forever, yours, your belamia. October 7, 1986 – July 2, 2019 – "I like you more today than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow."

On July 4th, Trislactou wrote an emotional post for her boyfriend

Trishala Dutt, daughter of Sanjay and her first wife Richa Sharma, died of brain tumors in 1996.

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Sanjay Dutt's daughter, Trishala Dutt, My heartbreaking news is that sudden death first appeared in Bollywood Hungagama

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