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Savyasachi Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online Free Download Savyasachi Hindi Dubbed Movie. Savyasachi (2018) Hindi Dubbed Download. Savyasachi full movie in hindi download hd 720p, Savyasachi full movie in hindi dubbed download. Savyasachi hindi dubbed. Savyasachi 2018 Indian Telugu-language action drama film directed by Chandoo Mondeti and produced by Naveen Yerneni, C.V. Mohan and Y. Ravi Shankar under the banner Of Mythri Movie Makers. The film features Bhumika Chawla, Nidhhi Agerwal, Naga Chaitanya and R. Madhavan in lead roles. While Eesha Rebba made an extended cameoo appearances in the film.

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A bus meets with an accident with 21 passengers. Vikram (Naga Chaitanya), was the only one that survived from the accident. Vikram has vanishing twin syndrome, which makes Aditya (Naga Chaitanya), Vikram’s invisible twin brother, control his left hand.

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A few days after the accident, Vikram is shown to be an ad director with his assistant Kittu (Vennela Kishore). The latter gets a client named Chitra (Nidhhi Agerwal). He reveals that Chitra was his love when they were in college. He makes an ad that shows everything from the 80s to the 90s. The ad becomes a hit, and an ad company asks Vikram to take the ad in America. The latter takes the shot in America with Kittu as the director. Vikram then reconciles with Chitra.

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When Vikram comes back from America, he learns that his house exploded because of a bombed gas cylinder. He learns that his brother-in-law (Bharath Reddy) and his beloved niece Maha (Dishita Sehgal), died from that accident. Vikram gets overwhelmingly devastated but then learns that Maha is still alive and tries to find her. He learns that someone kidnapped Maha. With anger, Aditya kills all the men sent by the kidnapper and swears to find him. He tries to get help from a police officer, but gets nothing.

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25 May 2019

When he goes to a DNA doctor, he learns that the same day when he admits his pregnant wife to the hospital, the kidnapper sounded like a villager and kidnaps his wife. In order to save his wife, he signs the file in his hand. The next day, Vikram gets a death certificate of the DNA doctor. In order to find out who the kidnapper is, the kidnapper makes Vikram run to all the destinations while he chants devotional chants. While he was running, Vikram drinks water from a bus but later learns that the bottle was sedated, and he starts to sleep. When he is close to finding who the kidnapper is, he falls asleep. Chitra picks him up later on.

Vikram still recalls all the destinations he ran to and then learns that his name starts with A. To find out his connection with him, he searches for everything but learns that the chants he was chanting were marriage chants. He learns that he is Arun Raj Verma (R. Madhavan), his sister’s almost-married husband. Vikram goes to his father to learn why he is like that. He learned that he had a bad life before and not marrying Siri (Bhumika Chawla), his sister, made him hungry for vengeance. Vikram investigates the places were he saw the unconscious boy, and the back window was full of dust. He dusts the window and sees the number 21.

Vikram then gets beaten up by a gang sent by Arun, but Aditya saves him. He goes to Arun’s hideout, and Arun beats him up, but then he sees Maha on the top, and while Arun injures Vikram, Maha tries to save Vikram, but the latter says not to as she falls down on a machine and get killed. Vikram tries and beats up Arun. A wounded Arun tries to kill Vikram with an anchor, but Aditya counters Arun with the anchor and kills him. He tells Arun that a person who makes good things that help people makes them a wizard, but if he does something bad because it people will think he is a psycho. He brings Maha to Siri, and Siri is happy that she did not get hurt.

In the end, Vikram praises Aditya for saving him, but then Aditya touches a stranger (Eesha Rebba), and Vikram apologizes. He pleads Chitra to tell her about the syndrome, but she gets mad at him and leaves him. Vikram then gets mad at Aditya, again hinting a sequel.

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