Shah Rukh Khan, world-renowned icon, multi-awarded actor, producer and advocate of women's equality, will receive the highest honor at La Trobe University when he visits Australia at the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne. La Trobe is honorary doctor at SRK for his hard work in helping poor children, for his unwavering dedication to the struggle for women's empowerment through the MEER Foundation, and for his incomparable achievements in India. Doctor of Letters)

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-998963 size-full" title = "Shah Rukh Khan to Honor the Honorary Doctor of Letters" honorary doctorate of La Trobe at the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne [Mele Foundation] The filmmakers of Changwon, which changed on the ground and empowered women, One of the main areas of focus for women's capacity building is to support the causes of mountain attack survivors. The Foundation supports women's acid attacks and burn risks through a 360-degree approach that helps with treatment, legal aid, vocational training, rehabilitation and livelihood support.

Shah Rukh Khan said it was a great honor to acknowledge humanitarian efforts for the first time in Australia. "I am proud to have a long-standing relationship with Indian culture and to be awarded to such a distinguished university as La Trobe, which has impressive track record in support of women's equality. I sincerely thank La Trobe for the honorary recognition of my achievements in this modest way and for the privilege of receiving this Honorary Doctorate.

La Trobe will announce Shah Rukh Khan and his Honorary Doctorate on Friday, August 9 at the Melbourne campus in Bundoora.

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Shah Rukh Khan appeared in Bollywood Hunger for the first time at the Indian Film Festival in honor of Dr. La Trobe's letter of honor, Melbourne.

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