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Supreme Khiladi 2 (Tej I Love You) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie All Watch with sub dekho full movie Supreme Khiladi 2 Hindi Dubbed Movie Free Download link below.Tej, an adolescent who’s exceedingly connected to his family, is ousted from his home by his uncle (Peddananna). He at that point winds up in London, where he experiences passionate feelings for Nandini. After long interest, he figures out how to prevail upon her heart, yet before she could even let him know, a heartbreaking episode puts a full stop to their romantic taleLogic regularly goes for a hurl while making films in standard film. At this point, the gathering of people has been modified to watch movies and judge them absolutely on the excitement it offers, and not expect rationale or even essential presence of mind. In any case, remove the stimulation esteem from a film which needs sound judgment and it would look plain senseless — which is actually how A Karunakaran’s Tej I Love You goes over. A film that is something like 10 years past its expiry date, Tej I Love You is dull and average.

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Uneven romantic tales are not new to Tollywood. In this example, Tej ( Sai Dharam Tej), succumbs to Nandini (Anupama Parameswaran) , a lighthearted yet underhanded young lady who makes life hopeless for him. Nandini first persuades Tej that she’s visually impaired, and when he understands that it’s every one of the a stratagem, she persuades him that she’s the little girl of the police magistrate.Tej likewise deals with creatures and gives an oil back rub to an elderly person at Nandini’s command. This is made with an endeavor to summon giggling, yet appears to be awful. There are other basic stories, which unfurl in a fairly unsurprising way.

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At 10 years old, Tej salvages a woman from two men by murdering them with a stone. The woman escapes to London leaving the young man battling against the men who attempted to assault her. He inexplicably goes up against two men who are twice his size and slaughters them, and is then sent to imprison for it. The woman, who goes to London, has a diminishing wish to help this kid who had spared her life.There’s family dramatization as well. Our legend, as is so regularly the case in Telugu films, is the indisputable favorite for the entire family yet is expelled from his home because of a misconception that causes a fracture in their whole family.The composing is simply sluggish. It appears as though they have taken three to four old contents and ineffectively reiterated them to make Tej I Love You. There’s zero exertion made to keep the watchers intrigued or offer something new.

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For every one of the advancements about Sai Dharam Tej playing the guitar in the film — the track where he continues playing the guitar as this individual from an anecdotal band is an outright joke. The manner in which the arrangements unfurl — particularly apparently groundbreaking occasions, are appeared in an awkward way

It makes it troublesome for the group of onlookers to pull for Sai Dharam Tej, who appears to be befuddled all through the film. Anupama looks brilliant yet is unconvincing now and again. The main redeeming quality in this film is Gopi Sundar’s music, which keeps you to some degree intrigued, however the planning of the melodies is typically horrible.

Include a town battle scene, a teary kutumbam scene and an airplane terminal peak — and you get the image. Executive Karunakaran made a sprinkle in Tollywood as a romantic tale author producer with Tholi Prema. After twenty years, be that as it may, regardless he is by all accounts stayed with a ‘recipe’ of film that worked during the 1990s. In 2018, all you get is a dead romantic tale. As a crowd of people, you need more than that.

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