Kota Factory Review: Being an IITian is making everyone's heart bloated with pride. Almost all parents in India want their children to decipher the IIT entrance exam and "set an international student life". I know how we all "set" the lives of both IIT engineers and non-IIT engineers, but the Kota Factory talks about students' lives as they try to decipher IIT.

Thus, Vaibhav goes to Kota (also known as Kota Coaching Hub) to decipher the IIT-JEE test annually for the XI or XII standard study.

In the 90th tenth criterion, when his father failed to enter the Maheshwari Super Coaching Institute, his father had a different option left instead of getting a seat in a rather less authoritative institute named Prodigy have. And because Vaibhav is late, he is admitted to A 10 placement (a priority for mentors). However, he is likely to hack into the upcoming reorganization experiment and jump into the top placement.

Kota Factory Review: Can the new TVF web series Vaibhav pass the restructuring test?

Can Prodigy get the right environment and coaching? Will he hurt IIT?

There is more to answering these questions. Kota Factory talks about student life in Kota. Without any judgment on the education system, they emphasize the personal and educational challenges they face and the importance of good friends and teachers.

The most beautiful part of Kota Factory is talking more about the solution and less about the problem. And that's where it comes to mind. In addition, the Web series has taken a dramatic way to tell stories that are far less remarkable.

The monochrome template in the web series is another master stroke by the author, and we leave it to you to interpret the reason. .

Music and emotions have always been an important factor in driving the TVF web series and have gone to a different level with the Kota Factory.

Kota Factory Not only the point of view, but every actor did a very good job. Casting is perfect and every person touches your heart.

Maya More Vaibhav is wonderful and relevant.

Ranjan Raj Meena is very sweet, lovely and personality strong. His grades are at the highest level and he has a lot of fun and emotional moments. The way he speaks the Hindi language is very cute. And above that, he has a really good conversation.

Like Uamday, Alam Khan is wonderful and has his own moments.

Jitu Bhaiyya leaving a speech saying Jitendra Kumar . When Meena describes his personality, "Fan banne laayak hai woh aadmi" . He is an incredibly natural actor. Throughout the season, he is too good to be true. In addition, his personality will create a special place in the minds of the public.

Ahsaas Channa Shivangi Ranawat is very confident. It is a treat to see her on the screen. Urvi Singh is brilliant and Revathi Pillai is adorable

The instructions of Raghav Subbu are great and deserve praise for his hard work. Writers Saurabh Khanna, Abhishek Yadav, Himanshu Chouhan and Sandeep Jain performed a beautiful job.

In other words, Kota Factory is a truly valuable watch. All episodes are now available. You may be embarrassed if you have not seen the series so far. Kota Factory is one of the best webcasts in India as well as a relief to the ordinary digital content around us these days.

Rating: 4/5

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