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Tik Tik Tik Hindi Dubbed Full Movie All Watch with sub dekho full movieĀ Tik Tik Tik 2018 onlineĀ Free Download link below.Tik is a 2018 Indian Tamil-dialect sci-fi spine chiller movie composed and coordinated by Shakti Soundar Rajan.It has been advanced as India’s first space film.It highlights Jayam Ravi, Aaron Aziz, and Nivetha Pethuraj ahead of the pack roles.The movie is enlivened by Armageddon, coordinated by Michael Bay.

Tik Tik Tik 2018 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Trailer

A space rock strikes the Ennore neighborhood of Chennai. Before long, space travelers anticipate another space rock with an expected size of 60 square kilometers will hit India inside 6 days, which could be disastrous. The Indian Space Research Organization chooses to send M. Vasu (Jayam Ravi), a prepared conjurer and person who can get out of anything, with his group and a group of researchers to get tightly to a rocket in a space focus which they intend to use to wreck the space rock before it achieves Earth. The military additionally gets Venkat (Ramesh Thilak) and Appu (Arjunan), two of Vasu’s great companions, according to Vasu’s guidelines.

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Vasu, Venkat, and Appu are alarmed about the space rock and that they need to take an atomic rocket from a Chinese space station. The mission is veiled as a satellite support venture. Vasu meets Swathi (Nivetha Pethuraj) and Raguram (Vincent Asokan), two armed force authorities who are additionally going on the mission with them. Vasu, Swathi, Venkat, Appu, and their chief Raguram go on the space carry, Dhruva-1, however just before dispatch, Vasu’s discourse channel is coordinated to an obscure voice.

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The obscure voice reveals to Vasu he has captured his child Ravi (Arav Ravi), and that Ravi will kick the bucket except if Vasu gets the rocket and offers it to him. Vasu, who is sincerely joined to his child, concurs. The space carry dispatches. While in flight, Vasu goes oblivious, and Swathi and Venkat take him to the debilitated straight. There, Vasu awakens and goes into the wire chamber to cut the wire that controls the fluid hydrogen fuel tank. It is uncovered that Vasu faked going oblivious because of headings from the obscure voice. Vasu cuts the wire, and therefore, the fuel tank loses a lot of its fuel. It just has enough fuel for 60 minutes.

Dhruva-1 crash-arrives on the moon, where Vasu turns into the primary Indian man to advance on the moon in the wake of pushing Raguram aside. Swathi and Raguram are exploring the issue when Vasu proposes that they ask for fuel from the objective space station. Raguram at first protests, yet Swathi persuades him to travel to the space station. The space station space travelers consent to refuel them. In any case, when Vasu, Swathi, Raguram, Venkat, and Appu go on the space station after Dhruva-1 is finished docking, they are instantly captured.

The chief of the space station, Lee Wei (Aaron Aziz), reveals to them he thinks about the space rock, and he realizes that they need to get his rocket. Be that as it may, he declines to give it, saying they need the space rock to strike with the goal that China, Lee’s local nation, can acquire control by marking budgetary contracts to modify southern India and Sri Lanka. Lee advises his officers to discharge Vasu and whatever remains of the group just when the space rock sidesteps the wellbeing line. When the space rock sidesteps the wellbeing line, there is no way of redirecting it.

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