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Verna 2017 Pakistani Full Movie All Watch with sub dekho full movie Verna 2017 online Free Download link below.Verna (lit: otherwise) is a 2017 Pakistani social-drama film; written, directed and produced by way of Shoaib Mansoor underneath his Shoman Productions. The movie stars Mahira Khan and debutant Haroon Shahid in Verna 2017 Pakistani Watch Full Movie Online main roles.Pre-production started in October 2016, and most of the foremost photography befell in Islamabad. The movie released global on 17 november 2017, and turned into allotted via Hum movies and Eveready pics.
Verna is a tale of a glad couple,Watch Full Movie Online Sara and Aami, a disabled man. Sara and Aami were enjoying a incredible time on the park with Aami’s sister, Mahgul. at the same time as at the park, a black SUV stops and the guys inside the SUV try to take Mahgul away. however, to guard her, Sara is going herself. 3 days later, the guys drop her to her house. Sara tells her circle of relatives she were given raped and begs them to inform the police, but they knew nothing will take place and live silent. Sara tells them that staying silent will no longer assist. The rapist keeps sending gifts to Sara and telling her to depart the disabled guy and marry him. Aami takes Sara’s scenario in a wrong manner, and their marriage starts to disintegrate. Sara tells Aami to leave her by myself for several days. Sara talks to her friend, who is a attorney. together, they are trying to remedy this example of getting her justice.
After a series of activities, Sara calls her rapist and asks to meet him. They get collectively and ultimately, she goes on “a date” with the rapist named Sultan. She reveals out from seeing pics at his residence that Sultan is the son of the Governor, who’s walking for the prime Minister of Pakistan. The reason for Sara’s rape is determined out. It flashes lower back to when the Governor changed into traveling a school, which blocked several roads, one that Aami, Sara, and Mahgul had been on. They had been on their manner to the park, however Sara misplaced her patience and went up the governor pronouncing, “that is unfair how you’re blockading the roads. We are not your servants.” This angered the Governor, which ends up in the rape. the use of evidence, Sara brings this case to court docket. however, with the electricity of grimy politics, Sultan destroys evidence. Sara and her own family are threatened and bribed via Sultan’s circle of relatives and his political companions to go away to Dubai or else things becomes terrible. in spite of the stress, they decide to stay.
in the future, Sara’s dad commits suicide inside the basement and apologizes to the circle of relatives, believing he become a disgrace. Sara’s mom flees to the usa. Sara turns into irritated of this. This brought about Aami and her reuniting after Aami is familiar with what a rape victim has to go through. Sara, Mahgul, and Aami sneak into Sultan’s residence. even as he is on his boat, Aami swims and hits him with a bat. Sultan is going subconscious and receives dragged to shore to be abducted by means of Sara. They lock him up subsequent to Sara’s dad. when Sultan gains cognizance, Sara locks him in a casket. a chain of activities leads to Sultan having no hazard to break out. Sara makes use of Sultan’s voice and texts from his phone that he’s ashamed of what he did and he flees. Sultan is trapped within the basement till dying. Sara sooner or later receives her own justice, despite the fact that no one else helped her. Sara and Aami then cross on a holiday collectively luckily on the cease.
Directed with the aid of Shoaib Mansoor
Produced by Shoaib Mansoor
Written with the aid of Shoaib Mansoor
Starring Mahira Khan
Haroon Shahid
song through Shoaib Mansoor
Haroon Shahid
Cinematography Salman Razzak
Khizer Idrees
Edited through Zohaib Mansoor
Shoman Productions
dispensed by way of Hum movies
Eveready photographs
release date
Revolutionary Organization 17 November 2017 (worldwide)
u . s . Pakistan
Language Urdu

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