The second day of the 12th Day War Box Office Collection I saw another jump of 15-20% in the second Saturday collection. The second Saturday had already made a big leap, so we had good results

War Total Box Office Collection Day 12

12 -14 Crore Hindi Trade Figure

Date Total Box Office Collection

256.5 -258.5 Crore Hindi Trade Figure

246.8 Crore Hindi Producer Figure

257.75 roCrore Hindi + Telugu + Tamil Producer Figure

10.95 Crore Telugu + Tamil Producer Figure

Worldwide Box Office Collection

9.09 million or Rs 64.67 Crore Gros Worldwide box office collection

377 Crore + gross

War is likely to exceed 300 Crore Mark of India

ranked 15th in the world in the world's highest-ranked film.

World's highest-grossing movie in the world list

Wari crosses Uri and is now # 2. Simba An d Uri has already been ranked 11th in the list of 300 Crore Hindi Movie Clubs in India

11 Days

11 Crore Hindi Trade Figure

11.2 Crore Hindi Producer Figure

10 Day [19659003] 7 Crore Hindi Trade Figure

7.1 Crore Hindi Producer Figure

Day 9

9 Crore Hindi Trade Figure

9.25 Crore Hindi Producer Figure

Day 8

11 Crore Hindi Trade Figure [19659006] 11.2 Crore Hindi Producer Figure

7 days

27.5 Crore Hindi Trade Figure

27.75 Crore Hindi Producer Figure

Day 6

20.5 Crore Hindi Trade Figure

20.6 Crore Hindi Producer Figure [19659002] 5 Days

36 Crore Hindi Trade Figures

36.1 Crore Hindi Producer Figures

1.3 Crore Telugu + Tamil Producer Figures

4 Day 4

27.5 Crore Hindi Trade Figures

27.6 Crore Hindi Producer Picture [19659006] 1.1 Crore Telugu + Tamil Producer Figure

3 Day

21 Crore Hind i Figure Volume

21. 3 Crore Hindi Producer Pictures

1.155 Crore Tamil + Telugu Producer Pictures

Day 2

22.5 Crore Hindi Trade Pictures

23.1 Crore Hindi Producer Pictures

1.25 Crore Telugu + Tamil Trade Pictures [19659002] 1

53 Crore Hindi + Tamil + Telugu Trade Figure

53.35 Crore Hindi + Tamil + Telugu Producer Figure

51.5 Crore Hindi Trade Figure

51.6 Crore Hindi Producer Figure

1.75 Crore Telugu + Tamil Trade Picture

1.75 Crore Telugu + Tamil Producer Picture

According to War & # 39; s Opening Day records, Bollywood's most popular Opening Days collection ranked # 1

War Budget

200 Crore Estimates including high wages and production budgets for Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff War Budget

Manufacturing Cost: 180 Crore

Printing and Advertising Costs: 20 Crore

War Screen

The war is believed to be open to 4000 screens in India, where Hindi is on about 3850 screens and Hindi in other languages ​​

Overseas: 1350 screens

Worldwide: 5350 screens.

war or flop

The war is considered to be an average when it exceeds 200 Crores beyond 225 Crores

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