We can not take a glimpse of Jacqueline Fernandez Race 3 post, but we are keen to experiment with the work she has done in the industry. After a break in Los Angeles, the serial killer Mrs. The actress who contracted with Serial Killer will start the same task. On the other hand, another interesting project she has in mind is her production house. She is not just looking at her first movie production, she also claims that the actress found the first script to create an action franchise.

According to recent reports, Jacqueline Fernandez decided to explore the film industry away from the filmmakers' eyes after attending the acting class. The actress, who was part of Race 2 and Race 3 reaffirmed her interest and interest in the genre of action, so the actress must also create an action franchise for her production company . In fact, this report suggests that the initial preparations have begun because the writer has already started writing scripts for the first film in the series. It is said that if everything goes well, the movie will go to the bottom by the end of this year.

Jacqueline Fernandez will also play the role of the ultimate lady, and she acts as a complete rogue that will kick some ass in the film's high octane action sequence. On the other hand, let Jacqueline always say that you love combat and martial arts. In fact, she considers it a big stress buster and often attends classes for the same reason. The actress mentioned that she learned a weapon in one of her interviews.

Jacqueline Fernandez is expected to appear in the film industry on starring Sushant Singh Rajput in Hollywood's remake Drive . Movies of the same name. The movie that has been on the pipeline for a long time has not yet received the release date.

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Post Wow! Jacqueline Fernandez starts his debut with this action franchise! It first appeared in Bollywood Hungagama.

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