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Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure
Running time: 22min
Language: Hindi
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Synopsis: Zak Storm is about Zak, a young teen who, when in the middle of a surfing competition, gets sucked into the Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle, and becomes the captain of a ship of misfits. He teams up with a magical talking sword named Calabrass, which allows him to power up into various protective armors with weapons that help him face the numerous perils of the land.

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Episode 1: Origins Part 1
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Zak is taken into the Triangle. Meets Clovis, the Chaos, and Bones.

Episode 2: Origins Part 2
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Zak meets the rest of his crew. Escapes Bones.

Episode 3: Morlock the Unstoppable
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ZAK and the 7Cs are under attack! Golden Bones has brought Skullivar the last piece of an ancient artifact: The Morlock Armor. When put together, the armor comes to life, an unstoppable force of destruction remote controlled by Skullivar. How can our heroes stop the unstoppable?

Episode 4: Witch Overboard
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Since Caramba found a shiny necklace, he’s become bold, and more and more powerful. But he seems to be getting more aggressive, too. Clovis clearly sees what’s happening to the meek alien: a Green Lady is possessing him. She’s Xibalba, one of the nine Aztec Lords banished in the Bermuda Triangle, and she’s going to raise an army of shadows to wreck havoc on this world And the others.

Episode 5: Freezing Point
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The 7Cs save a newborn wyvern from the clutches of Golden Bones. As they try to bring it back to its mother, Crogar develops a special bond with the creature. With Bones closing in among trecherous glaciers, Crogar has to let go of his “baby”.

Episode 6: The Voice of Chaos
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The Chaos engines are dead, and she’s drifting toward a tornado in Aeria, the Sea of Storms. Zak and Caramba descend deep in the bowels of the ship, deeper than any of them has ever been, to find out the source of problem. Along the way, they discover that the Chaos is much more than meet the eye… And filled with monsters!

Episode 7: Troll Diving
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Caramba is kidnapped by stupid undersea Trolls who mistake his exoskeleton for a piece of gold. Zak wants to go alone to rescue him, but he’d be in over his head without his crew!

Episode 8: The Seas Seven
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Skullivar has found a lost Altlantean artifact, the Heptahedron, which could wreak havok on the Seven Seas. Before he breaks the seven seals protecting it, our heroes need to infiltrate Netherwhere, the most dangerous place in the Triangle, and pry the artifact from their archenemy’s hands!

Episode 9: Spirited Away
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Looking for a kidnapped Clovis, Zak and CeCe are trapped in spirit form as two powerful beings from the Sea of Stars, Zite, inhabit their bodies. The Ziteans wreck havoc on Marituga and worse, Zak and CeCe may be destined to stay in spirit form forever if they don’t cast the beings out of their bodies before midnight!

Episode 10: The Swap
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In order to avoid being defeated by Golden Bones, Zak and his team have to exchange boats with him. While Clovis and the Chaos are being hostage by Golden bones, Zak and the rest of the gang chase them aboard an hovercraft.

Episode 11: A Jellyfish of Legend
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A legendary gellyfish terrorizes the sailors of Beru. The 7 cs destroy the monster, but a piece of it develops into a bigger monster aboard the Chaos. When they think theur definitely got rid of it, the monster is back and attacks Marituga.

Episode 12: Lemuria Attacks
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The age-old enemies of the Atlantean, the Lemurians, demand that CeCe be delivered to them or they will destroy Marituga. Their battleship, made of living obsidian, seems indestructible. A selfless CeCe decides to surrender,to no avail. Zak and his crew need to free her and stop an indestructible battleship from destroying Marituga!

Episode 13: Mutiny on the Demoniac
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Clovis becomes human but is trapped inside the Chaos!


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