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The Zoya Factor Bollywood Full Movie All Watch with sub dekho full movie Zoya Factor Bollywood Movie Free Download link below.The Zoya Factor is a novel composed by Anuja Chauhan, distributed by HarperCollins India in 2008. It is about a Rajput young lady named Zoya Singh Solanki who meets the Indian Cricket Team through her activity as an official in a publicizing office and winds up turning into a four leaf clover for the group for the 2011Cricket World Cup. Author Anuja Chauhan begun taking a shot at her presentation novel in 2006, composing amid her extra time. Having chipped away at the Pepsi mark for a long time at JWT Delhi, where she was Vice President and nearly connected with cricket promoting, inevitably prompted cricket turning into the setting of her novel.

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Zoya Solanki is a customer benefit rep with a publicizing office, who adores everything about her activity particularly the brand she has been placed accountable for – Zing Cola (Pepsi in an anecdotal symbol). Be that as it may, when she’s made to leave an advertisement film shoot, including none other than Shah Rukh Khan, and needs to go to Dhaka to shoot a promotion with the Indian cricket group she starts to encounter her first aches of bothering towards the brand. Exacerbating the situation, the group skipper Nikhil Khoda demands discipline as a standard and stops her essential shoot. This makes her stay back a couple of more days than foreseen and miss the Shah Rukh Khan film shoot.When the men dressed in blue understand that Zoya was conceived at the plain minute India won the first and the main cricket World Cup in 1983, they are startled. What interests them more was the point at which they understood that eating with her is trailed by triumphs on the field, and when not eating with her outcomes in thrashing. They choose she is a four leaf clover.

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As it would turn out, the cloth label group had a sudden spurt of triumphs and soon the cricket-insane country pronounces her a goddess. Before long, Zoya is welcomed by the unpredictable leader of IBCC (Indian Board of Cricket Control, a parody on BCCI Board of Control for Cricket in India), to go with the group to the ICC World Cup in Australia.Pursued by global cricket sheets from one perspective, charmed by cola majors on the other, Zoya battles to remain grounded in the thick of the World Cup activity.

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What’s more, it doesn’t help that she continues conflicting with the unpredictably splendid new Indian captain, who advises her straight that he doesn’t have confidence in good fortune. What pursues is an adoration abhor relationship; fascination and threat. Zoya is fortunes represented and she never stops to be the four leaf clover for the men-in-blu

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